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Top 5 Favorite Project Runway Designers

Project Runway Image via http://www.nytimes.com[/caption%5D

When Project Runway first debuted, I was hooked.  A show all about up and coming fashion designers… what more can a Starlet ask for?  But as the show went on, the novelty started to wear off and I stopped watching around Season 6.  Since I found out that this Season (number 13, if you can believe it) my idol, Dita Von Teese will be a guest judge, I decided to give the show another chance.  The first episode was already discouraging, because one of my favorite designers of the season (Nzinga Knight, who was doing some really interesting things with modest dressing) got eliminated in the beginning of the show.  However, I am very excited to see what Sandhya Garg has to bring to the runway.  I’m really enjoying the humor and personality that she brings to her designs.  Since I have a renewed interest in the show, I thought I would share with you my top 5 favorite designers of past seasons (keeping in mind, I only saw Seasons 1-5)… (more…)

InStyle Inspiration: Candy Apple Red

Candy Apple Red Linen Pin Up Girl Dress

I have to admit I’m a little obsessed with fashion magazines.  I like my look to be more classic, so I try not to focus too much on trends, but I like to know what’s going on in the world of fashion.  InStyle magazine is one of the few magazines that I subscribe to and will read religiously every month.  So I decided to try a look inspired by the August issue.  The article was a Color Crash Course: Candy Apple Red.  (more…)

#OOTD Inspiration: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

One of the things that I love about Old Hollywood films is that, not only is the fashion gorgeous, but I also tends to be timeless.  Never is that more true than in Elizabeth Taylor’s role in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  The movie itself is amazing… with Ms. Taylor and her costar Paul Newman at their most sexy.  But my favorite thing about the film is Ms. Taylor’s wardrobe.  She only has a few looks (and her stunning white dress is the most memorable), but I love her pencil skirt and blouse combo.  I decided to recreate the look for everyday.  This look is inexpensive, it’s timeless, flattering on many figures, and perfect for a summer work outfit…

Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof inspired outfit   (more…)

What to Wear When Traveling

There was a time when people got dressed up to get on an airplane.  Traveling was an event worth breaking out the Sunday best.  Things are a little different today.  Travel is more common… and more uncertain.  With so many rule and check points, getting to your destination can seem overwhelming.  So most people’s inclination is to throw on sweats and be done with it.  However, a Starlet must look her best….after all, getting off a plane could be a photo op.  So how do Starlets stay comfortable and appropriate for a plane trip, while still looking her best?  Here are some essentials:

A comfy cotton dress is stylish and polished (add leggings if the weather is chilly).. like this one from Modcloth

Travel outfit essentials

A scarf that can double as a shawl or blanket (more…)

Role Playing: Elizabeth Taylor

I’ve recreated famous photos of Brigitte Bardot and Lana Turner.  This time I’ve attempted to recreate one of my favorite photos of Elizabeth Taylor.  I actually bought this shirt from Old Navy a few years ago because of this photo.  But it wasn’t until my recent trip to North Conway that I finally got around to take the photo.  I guess it’s appropriate that it took me so long to take the picture… Liz was famous for being late (even requesting that she arrive late to her own funeral).  I hope I made Ms. Taylor proud…

This is me..

Role Playing Elizabeth Taylor Plaid Shirt Photo

This is the original Elizabeth Taylor photo… (more…)

What’s in My Bag?

Everyday Starlet Whats in My Bag

Ever since I started Everyday Starlet I have been wanting to do a What’s in My Bag? video.  I’m always curious what people carry around in their handbags.  So here it is… the video is a little long, but I carry a lot.  I have a big bag that I carry for work and for long days where I’m running around and need a book or water or other essentials.  I carry a small cross body bag as a sort of wallet/essentials bag that I can take out of I’m just running to the store… or maybe going out to a bar after work.  This way I’m ready for anything… because Starlets never know where the day will take them… (more…)

Starlet Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Every Starlet needs some glamorous basics in their wardrobe.  That way they can put together an outfit and look chic at a moments notice. Most basics are year round but there are a few wardrobe stapes that are specifically for warmer weather.  Here are some Starlet summer wardrobe essentials…

White Shorts

Image via filmnoirgrrrl.wordpress.com
Image via filmnoirgrrrl.wordpress.com

Capris (more…)

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