Once of my biggest passions is sensuality, and self pleasure os one of the best ways to connect to your sacred sexuality and sensuality. Once you get those juices flowing, there are so many ways to channel that energy… you can do something creative or spend time with your partner. Self pleasure can be any number of things… truly it is anything that you do for yourself that gives you pleasure. It does’t have to be sexual, but it can be. So I thought I would share my favorite self pleasure crystal wands for connecting to our feminine energy.

I have a whole post about my favorite Yoni Eggs, which I highly recommend, so be sure to check those out, and in this post I will focus on wands… use code SARAHB for a discount

The Black Mamba

This black obsidian wand is perfect for the Root Chakra

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The Rosie

This is one of my favorite wands. The beautiful rose quartz pink color is perfect for self love or calling in more love into your life.

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Rose Quartz Cock

This beautiful piece of rose quartz is perfect for self pleasure or for sitting on your altar to represent the Divine Masculine. 

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Amethyst Pleasure Wand

This gorgeous crystal is prefect for relaxation, connecting to your intuition, and for working with your Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

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Labradorite Pleasure Wand

This is a great crystal for healing the Throat Chakra… so be sure to be vitals while using it. 

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The Sacred Squirter

This is the holy grail of G Spot stimulation. 

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The Cervix Serpent 

This is such a versatile wand. It’s great for G Spot and Cervical stimulation, as well as de-armoring and vaginal massage

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Waterproof Squirt Blankets




Don’t forget to use code: SARAHB for a discount

Happy Self Pleasuring! 

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