I’m starting the #StarletStyle series here on Everyday Starlet.  Every week I’ll have a new exercise in my personal style journey, and I’m inviting you to join me so we can find our personal style together.  This week I’m sharing a wardrobe diary showing what I wore for the past 2 weeks…

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Personal Style Journey | Curated Closet Review | What I Wore #StarletStyle

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Now that I’ve documented my wardrobe for 2 weeks, I asked myself these questions from The Curated Closet….

  • Favorite outfit?  My workout outfits because they show off the fitness progress I’m making on my fitness journey.
  • Least favorite? The shorts felt weird… I think they were a bad cut for me.
  • How happy are you with your outfits?  A bit embarrassed I’m in such a rut.
  • Current style? Casual, Comfortable, Minimal
  • Most worn colors? Black, White, Gray, Blue,
  • Most worn silhouettes and fits?  Skinny leggings and loose tees.
  • Do you have a uniform? More like a rut.
  • How much variety do you need?  More than I have now.
  • Overdressed or Underdressed? Overdressed.
  • Do you want people to notice your clothes?  Yes.
  • Do you style outfits?  Not as much as I should, but I don’t like to look overstyled.
  • How comfortable are your outfits?  A little too comfortable.
  • How well do your clothes fit?  They are too loose, partly because I’m losing weight, but mostly because I haven’t been all that confident about my body for a while.
  • What message does your current look send?  That I put in an effort, but a minimal one.
  • What message would you like to send?  That i’m an Everyday Starlet of course.
  • If you had unlimited confidence and funds what would you change?  I would be more glam and wear more body-conscious silhouettes.
  • How easy is it to pick out your outfits?  Pretty easy because they’re on a rotation.
  • % of wardrobe did you wear in the 2 weeks?  If you count all the piles and binds i have in storage, probably 1%.
  • How many seasons do you have to dress for?  All of them.  I live in New England.  We sometimes have all 4 seasons in one week.
  • What type of occasions do you have to dress for?  Working out, working from home, errands, filming videos, stand-up comedy shows and open mics.
  • How well equipped is your wardrobe for those occasions?  Okay, but could be better.
  • How comfortable are you repeating outfits?  I think I’m a little too comfortable.
  • What’s your shopping decision-making process?  I plan meticulously, and then I just buy whatever fits.
  • Main motivation for working on your style?  I would like to feel more confident, and add more fashion content to my blog and youtube channel.
  • What emotions have an impact on how you dress?  When I get stressed/depressed fashion is the first thing to get overlooked, which is ironic because a great outfit always makes me feel better.
  • How much does lack of confidence affect your outfits?  Completely.  I wish I was more confident so I could wear the looks that I love.
  • Do other people influence your style?  In general, I dress for me.  However, I do feel pressure sometimes to dress me casual so other people around me don’t feel as underdressed.

Style Goals

  • What you like about your current style?  I like that it’s comfortable and easy.
  • What needs work?  I need more variety, better fit, and more glamour.
  • What new skill do you want to learn?  I would like to learn how to have a functional wardrobe with only pieces that I truly love and want to wear.

I would love for you to follow along with me on this personal style journey, and maybe start a journey of your own.

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