This time of year, when the days are longer and the sun is out more often, I seem to have the most motivation to get healthy and workout.  So that may be the reason that all the books I’ve been reading are in that theme.  Last week I reviewed Khloe Kardashian’s Strong Looks Better Naked… and this week I have a book by another California Starlet, Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson….

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Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body by Kate Hudson Review

Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson Review

I don’t know if this is the best strategy or not, but I tend to judge a book by how difficult it is for me to put it down.  When I love a book I’ve motivated to jump into each chapter and I feel like I want to devour the contents of the book.  I felt that way with Khloe’s book, and also with Kristin Cavallari’s book, which I also reviewed.

With Pretty Happy, not so much.

I’m not saying it’s a bad book, and I did read it quite quickly.  I’ve just read better.

I love Kate Hudson’s style.  Her looks are always a favorite of mine on the red carpets.  And there is no denying that her body in unreal.  However, something about this book was a little off-putting to me.  But what it was is a little hard to put into words.

First, I feel like Kate tried a little too hard to be a regular person in this book.  We all know she’s not.
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Plus Kate, probably because of her Mom, is a little to New Age for me.  That’s doesn’t normally bother me, and it may not bother you, but it just felt like a little too much in this book.

Another thing is the pictures.  I obviously expect a book about health and fitness to have the author show off their great physique, and show beautiful lifestyle shots.  However, Kate’s photos were sexy… but not natural sexy, they looked like she was trying too hard to be sexy.  Clearly she’s confidant with her sexuality, and more powder to her.  But she’s a gorgeous woman, and she’s doesn’t need to try that hard.

All that said, I did like that Kate broke down everything she’s learned over the years about health and fitness in great detail.  I didn’t find the tips all that revolutionary, but if you are a complete novice to health then this book could be a good place to start.
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I also like Kate’s take on finding a workout that works for you.  She loves pole dancing workouts because they make her feel womanly and sexy.  I tried a pole dancing class once and it was not for me (I have great rhythm and I love to dance, but put a pole in the mix and I’m a hot mess).  However, I do believe that every woman should take a bellydance class at least once in her life.  Nothing will make you appreciate your female form more!

So would I recommend this book?

If you’re a California spiritual kinda gal, or an obsessive Kate Hudson fan, then yes.

For everyone else…

If you’re feeling down, out of shape, and want to get healthy to work through stress but need the motivation, then pick up Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian.

If you want an everyday, down to earth, healthy lifestyle book, then pick up Balancing in Heels by Kristin Cavallari.

Have you read Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.
If there are any books or films that you’d like me to review let me know? I’m always looking for suggestions.

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