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Year: 2015

How to Get Supermodel Hair


Continuing Supermodel week her at ES, Monday we looked at the bodyTuesday we looked at beauty tips, yesterday we had an example of Supermodel makeup… but I thought Supermodel hair deserved a post of its own.  Yes, models are gorgeous, with perfect bodies, and flawless skin… but who can get past their hair (okay, so maybe most people, but I love their hair).  Models seem to have that effortless look that makes their hair seem perfectly styled, yet completely natural at the same time.  Here are some tips to get that look, no matter what type of hair you have…. (more…)

Review: The First Fashion Police without Joan

Image via eonline.com
Image via eonline.com

Many of you may know that my favorite TV show (well, current one anyway) is Fashion Police.  I loved and idolized Joan Rivers, and while her comedy style was different than mine, I had a huge amount of respect for her.  So when they announced that Kathy Griffin was taking over her job as host of Fashion Police I was skeptical.  I was not a fan of Kathy Griffin for a long time, but I read her book, and, as a fellow comedian, gained a great deal of respect for her.  I will admit that her biting humor is similar in tone to Joan’s, but she is not a joke writer (and she would admit that), and she has little-to-no fashion background.  I was still willing to give the show a chance.  I watched the first episode with Kathy on Monday night… it was the Golden Globes red carpet episode.  I’ll start with what I didn’t like…. (more…)

Supermodel Beauty Tips

Image via https://flic.kr/p/p5XCsK
Image via https://flic.kr/p/p5XCsK

I spent most of the 90s with my face in a fashion magazine desperately searching for beauty tips.  I was a sucker for any beauty advice from, the Starlets of the 90s, the Supermodels.  So I have don’t my research from former and current models, and compiled a list of some of the best beauty tips from the genetically gifted… (more…)

Red Carpet Ready: The Big Day

Red Carpet Ready Final

The Golden Globes are this weekend, and Starlets are doing last min prep for the big day.  Everyday Starlets are no different.  So if you’ve been following my Red Carpet Ready 3 Month Plan (here is Month 3, Month 2, Month 1, and 1 Week) then this is the home stretch.  You should continue your diet/exercise/beauty ticks that you’ve been doing, and do a few last min steps to get you your most glamorous…. (more…)

Winter Beauty Essentials

The good thing about living in New England is that you get to experience all the seasons.  The bad thing about living in New England is that you get to experience all the seasons.  The Summers are brutally hot and the Winters are ridiculously cold.  It makes it that much more difficult for an Everyday Starlet to stay glamorous in any weather.  Here are my Winter beauty essentials…

Winter Beauty Essentials


A Long Day’s Journey Into Mac

MacBook Pro

They say, when one window closes another Mac opens… okay, maybe they don’t say that, I just made it up, clever huh? Anyway, I full intended to have a fabulous fashion post for you today, and start out 2015 with a sea of strong beauty, fashion, and glamour posts.  Unfortunately, life got in the way. (more…)

2015 New Years Resolutions


Champagne Cocktail 2

It’s  a new year, and that means a fresh start.  2014 had some highs and lows, and I really hoped to start 2015 fresh and organized… Unfortunately, issues with my laptop have started the year off to a rocky start.  But an Everyday Starlet must persevere.  So I am creating this post all on my new iPad (a Christmas gift I picked out before I knew a new laptop would be in my not-so-distant future).  I’m loving my iPad, and I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that I needed to learn how to use it as my main computer this week (normally I let technology sits around until I desperately need to learn how to use it).

That said, I’ve never been a fan of New Years “Resolutions” (who really sticks with them past Jan?)… But I am a very big fan of goals, and the start of a New Year is the perfect time to focus on the things you want to accomplish.  Here are my goals for the New Year… (more…)

Red Carpet Ready: 1 Week To Go

Image via www.pedestrian.tv Image via http://www.pedestrian.tv[/caption%5D

The Holiday season is over, and it’s the start of a New Year… and Red Carpet Season is upon us.  The Golden Globes are this Sunday and I am so excited for all the Red Carpet fashion!  If you have been following along with my 3 Month Plan (or trying to… the Holidays are hard, and I will admit to a few detours on my journey), or maybe you’d like to start 2015 with a healthy outlook (here are Months Three, Two, and One), then these are the goals for this week…. (more…)

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