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Month: September 2015

Everyday Back to School Makeup Tutorial

Everyday Back to School Makeup

Whether you’re going back to school, or just need a quick easy makeup routine for getting out the door quickly, I have the routine for you in my Everyday Back to School Makeup Tutorial.  It’s affordable because its (mostly) drugstore makeup… I’m having the hardest time finding brows products from the drugstore that work for me, but if you have darker skin and/or hair you’ll probably have an easier time.  This look also lasts all day, so you can worry about classes and studying and not about find a mirror… although, if you’re neurotic like me, you’ll probably look for one anyway…just add a quick bun and your look is complete!

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The Perfect White T Shirt For A Full Bust

The Perfect White T Shirt For A Full Bust

For the average person a little white t is an easy wardrobe staple that you throw on and never give a second thought.  However, for those of us top heavy ladies, it can be a frightening mess of unflattering shapes and bulges in all the wrong places.  I have collected some top tips for all my apple, strawberry, and inverted triangle shaped sistas on how to pick the perfect little white t-shirt… (more…)

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