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Month: September 2015

What I’m Loving This Week: Vampy Lips, Instagram, Linkups & More

Iphone 6 new

I think I’m going to have to call this week the week of the iphone.  My beloved cell phone, Ol’ Trusty, has been dying a slow and painful death.  So I decided to put him out of his misery and get a new phone.  Since I got an ipad for Christmas.. and them my laptop fell apart around the same time and I upgraded to a MacBook… my phone was my last link to the android world.  I’m definitely adjusting (like getting used to a new alarm setup that didn’t wake me up this morning, hense the late post).  So while I try to figure out how to send a text (it took me all day the other day to figure out how to use Instagram on this thing), you can check out what I’ve been loving this week…


Easy Fall Makeup Look inspired by Christina Hendricks at the Emmys 2015

Easy Fall Makeup Look inspired by Christina Hendricks at the Emmys 2015

I’m still recovering from StyleWeek last week, and spending this week catching up with emails, blog comments, social media, etc.  In addition to all that, my phone was dying a slow painful death, so I just got my first iphone and I’m learning how to use it (cue the stressed emoji).  Even though I’m exhausted, this all good news…. now for the great news.  I went to the fabulous Boston Bloggers event on Tuesday to meet up with some amazing local bloggers, and I won the raffle prize… a ticket the the Wayfair Heart Home Conference!!!  So the first weekend in Oct I will be surrounded by fellow bloggers in Boston learning how to make Everyday Starlet even better!  To top that all off….

…Fall is finally here!  With everything I have going on, I wanted this weeks makeup look to be simple and wearable.  So here is a quick and easy Fall makeup look inspired by the gorgeous Christina Hendricks at the 2015 Emmy Awards… I so miss Mad Men and my fav Joan Holloway Harris! 

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Liquid Lipstick Review Update: Colour Pop vs Milani

Liquid Lipstick Review Update: Colour Pop, Milani, sephora, Kat Von D

I’ve become obsessed with liquid lipsticks lately.  They give you a super matte, long lasting lip look that is so on trend right now.  However, they are not all created equally, and many of them can be a dry as an over-processed bleach job (not that I know anything about hair bleach of course, wink wink).  After my last liquid lipstick review I was asked to review a few other brands… so here’s an update of my favorites…

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Fashion or Bust: Taking Risks

Green Dress Collage

I’m still recovering from StyleWeek last week, so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet… kinda like my dress (see what I did there).  Seeing all the amazing local designers, and the fashionistas in the audience at the runways shows inspired me to take more fashion risks.  I was so tempted to belt this dress even though it’s meant to be left flowy.  But I took a risk and left it loose… even though us busty girls run the risk of being asked when the baby is due (unless you know someone is pregnant, please never ask!).  I added this heavy necklace to anchor the look, and paired it with some of my favorite shoes…. (more…)

StyleWeek Northeast 2015: The Finale

StyleWeek Northeast 2015 Jonathan Joseph Peters

Wow, it’s been a long week!  Driving 45 min to and from Providence each night, each show getting more and more crowded, people fighting to get photos.  This last night of StyleWeek was definitely the grand finale of the week.  However, it was also the most crowded and chaotic.  I didn’t get nearly as many shots as I’d like to show off the amazing fashions.  Fortunately, I also took some video, so I’ll be spending the day editing to get that up for you asap….  Here are some highlights from the finale night of StyleWeek(more…)

StyleWeek Northeast 2015 Day 4

StyleWeek Northeast 2015

Hello Starlets!  I decided to post throughout the weekend to keep you updated on my StyleWeek adventure.  Tomorrow I will recap the final night, and hopefully have my vlog up for you… but today is all about Day 4. (more…)

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