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Month: July 2015

Summer Nights Tablescape

Summer Nights Tablescape, Rustic Glamour Pinterest, Michaels Decorating

There always seems to be a long break between holidays this time of year.  After the 4th of July, there isn’t really a decorating holiday until Halloween.  That leaves a few months to fill a table’s decor.  I decided to decorate my table for Summer… after the Winter we had in New England, Summer deserves a little celebration.  I already had a Rustic Glamour 4th of July theme going.  So instead of starting from scratch, I just switched out some of the colors and went with a Summer Night Tablescape theme.  Periwinkle hydrangeas ARE Summer in New England.  The burlap table runner with champagne colored glitter ribbon mimics sand sparkling under the moonlight.  The mason jars hold fairy lights… they make me think of catching fire flies in a jar.  Stars scattered over the table remind me of Summers at Cape Cod when I was a kid.  There always seemed be be more stars in the sky. I added some glitter starfish to give it a beachy feel.   (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Healthier S’Mores

Healthier Smores, dairy free dessert, marshmallow fluff broiler smores

It just doesn’t feel like Summer until I have s’mores.  But I certainly don’t want to deal with the whole campfire thing (I prefer being indoors, bug-free, with the AC on thankyouverymuch).  I’ve also become averse to marshmallows.  It started with my quest for vegan rice krispie treats.  I read one recipe that said not to Google how they make gelatin, because you’ll never eat a marshmallow again.  I did… and I won’t.  Marshmallow fluff however, is gelatin-free (although it has egg whites and a lot of sugar, so it’s not technically “vegan” or “healthy”… it is a step in the right direction).  In my quest to go dairy-free, I found some vegan chocolate, and organic graham crackers.  I decided to try toasting the fluff under the broiler.  They must be watched very carefully, because the graham crackers can start to burn… but they don’t need much toasting for the fluff to get a crisp crust.  It may not be as healthy as a bowl of fruit, but I like these s’mores even better then the original! (more…)

Strobing & Colored Winged Eye Liner Makeup Tutorial in Summer Pastels

Strobing, Colored Winged Eye Liner, Makeup Tutorial, Kat Von D Everlast Armageddon, Matte Liquid Lipstick, Summer Pastels

I’m playing around with trends today.  I started with the new strobing technique, which is really just extreme highlighting and no contour.  Then I decided to play around with some colored winged eye liner in a mint and black.  Then I added a fun matte lip!  This whole look was so much fun to film, and even more fun to wear!

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Fashion or Bust: How to Wear a Maxi Dress When You’re Curvy

Fashion or Bust: How to Wear a Maxi Dress When You're Curvy, Jennifer Lopez Kohls

While my usual look is Starlet Bombshell, there are times when I envy ladies who can pull off Bohemian.  I usually find that trend doesn’t flatter my curves, and I end up looking more frumpy than fabulous.  I still attempt time and time again to find a maxi dress.  Most of my attempts resulted in empire waists that made me look like I was expecting, and spaghetti straps that could barely contain me and made me look like I was nursing.  I had all but given up, until I found this dress by Jennifer Lopez for Kohls.  It is the perfect fit for me (it always amazes me how JLo’s clothing fits me so well, considering we could no be more different in body shape).  This dress is no longer available, but I wanted to offer a few tips for curvy Starlets who want to give maxi dresses a try… (more…)

4th of July Cocktail: Starlet Sparkler

Starlet Sparkler Recipe

I purchased violet syrup a while back to make a Cointreau Teese, my style icon Dita Von Teese’s signature cocktail (and my Instagram pic is one of my most popular… Dita herself liked it… happy dance).  One day I was feeling creative and decided to play around with some cocktail creations.  I found a recipe for a Sparkler, which looked like a refreshing tequila drink… but I wanted to make it holiday themed.  So I added some violet syrup to give it a blueish tint for the 4th of July (and switched the lime juice for lemon because I always have lemon juice on hand for tea).  The result is so delicious and refreshing.  My BF says it tastes like a blue popsicle… and I agree, but I don’t really know why since there is no violet syrup in a popsicle.  I’m actually excited to try more recipes with violet syrup (maybe lemonade, or vegan ice cream?)  Here is the recipe for my creation so you can make it at home… (more…)

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