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Month: June 2015

Fashion or Bust: How to Wear a Striped Dress When You’re Curvy

4th of July Fashion, Outfit, Navy Striped dress, Red White and Blue outfit fashion

Nothing says “patriotic” like navy and white stripes.  For curvy girls, they can be intimidating (I have to admit these side panels helped).  I paired this look with my new favorite red shoes from a recent Charlotte Russe Haul, and my new favorite BaubleBar earrings… which kind of have a starburst effect…. and a Bombshell cuff because..well.. sometimes you just want to feel like a Bombshell!  I tied the look together with Red, White, and Blue makeup.. and… viola!… I have a glam 4th of July outfit that’s perfect for a night out celebrating our Independence! (more…)

Dance, Urban Decay Naked 2, and “Sandwich” Eye Shadow

Dance Recital weekends are long, stressful,  and exhausting.... at least it gives me an excuse to play with my Naked 2 palette
Dance Recital weekends are long, stressful, and exhausting…. at least it gives me an excuse to play with my Naked 2 palette

This have been super busy for me this month.  I’ve been hoping to keep to a consistent posting schedule, but sometimes life gets in the way (stupid non-blog life).  For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been working part time at a dance studio, and this past weekend we had our annual dance recital.  It’s a busy week of rehearsals, and especially for me because I have students dancing, I’m dancing myself, and I MC the whole event.  So there are a lot of hats I have to wear… and since this years theme was Masquerade, I wore a lot of masks as well.  The morning of my dress rehearsal I watched a YouTube makeup tutorial from one of my favorite YouTubers, Desi Perkins.  She did a “sandwich” eyeshadow technique with gold and black shadows.  It inspired me to break out my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for the first time and play around.  Many of my costumes this year wear gold and black, so the shadow look worked perfectly. (more…)

Summer Goals 2015

It's a beautiful mornin' #plymouth #beach #sundaymorning #sundayfunday #nofilter
It’s a beautiful mornin’ #plymouth #beach #sundaymorning #sundayfunday #nofilter

I’ve said this before, but I really believe there is something to making a list and putting your goals and dreams out into the universe.  So every season I try the set goals and I’m always shocked at how many of them come true.  Here are my goals for this Summer… (more…)

Basic Foundation & Primer Wardrobe… a different kind of Makeup Collection Video

Foundation Wardrobe layout

With so many beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus showing of their enormous makeup collections, it can be easy to feel like you need a whole room dedicated to lip glosses to look gorgeous.  I’m here to tell you.. you don’t.  I wanted to start a new video series of basic makeup “wardrobes” for each type of makeup.  This is essentially a breakdown of the basics you need in your makeup collection to always look your best.  Maybe you’re a young girl just starting out playing with makeup and want to take it to the next level… maybe you’re a recent college grad who wants to look more professional for their first job and new life… or maybe you’ve been using the same makeup for years and need to switch things up… this series is for you!

I’m staring with foundations (and a little about primers) because they are literally the foundation of you makeup.  I’m sharing the 3 essential foundations every women should have in her makeup collection… and a few tricks for picking a shade and getting the most out of what you have.

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Fashion or Bust: Striped Skirt

Striped Skirt Collage

I’ve been thinking for a while about doing a series of fashion for women with a full bust.  I don’t see that represented on many fashion blogs.  There are blogs dedicated to plus sized ladies (and there should be, because they really do deserve to feel just as fabulous and fashionable as the size 2s).  However, some of us busty ladies are not necessarily plus sized, just top heavy.  Since I’ve been dealing with dressing with a full bust for… well… my whole life really… I thought I would do some fashion posts dedicated to us top heavy fashionistas.  I’m thinking of calling it “Fashion or Bust.” (more…)

Summer Reading List for Bloggers & YouTubers

Summer Reading Collage

Summer is a time when things just seem to happen at a slower pace.  Hot sun and sweat just makes you feel like relaxing with a lemonade and a good book.  I always find it to be the perfect time to catch up on reading.  I’ve set so many goals for myself this year for this blog and my YouTube channel, so I thought this Summer was the perfect time to check out some books by other bloggers and YouTubers who I follow for inspiration.  Here are some that I’ve either read or plan to read this Summer… (more…)

Everyday Makeup Look inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn Quote, Breakfast at Tiffany's Lipstick, Revlon, Pink in the Afternoon, Holly Golightly Makeup Tutorial

I’ve seen so many Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany’s makeup tutorials, and while I love seeing everyone’s interpretation of the look, they all seem to be very dramatic and sometimes costumey.  Holly Golightly was a lady of the night, but her makeup was always so fresh and natural.  I wanted to take that look and create a tutorial for Everyday Starlets… this look is easy, and perfectly acceptable for any occasion.

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