It's a beautiful mornin' #plymouth #beach #sundaymorning #sundayfunday #nofilter
It’s a beautiful mornin’ #plymouth #beach #sundaymorning #sundayfunday #nofilter

A new month has begun!  May is always exciting… here in New England we finally start to see some flowers (and hopefully warm weather).  It also means that Summer is almost here!

I’m always trying to make Everyday Starlet better and even more glamorous… so I wanted to check in with my Starlets and let you know what some of my plans are… and also get some feedback… diflucan 200mg

First, I have been playing around with my posting schedule.  I was posting every week day, and lately I’ve been trying to post every other day.  I was also trying out a “Sunday Reading” post, but unfortunately my schedule has been so hectic that I have not been able to do that the last few Sundays.  I promise to start keeping a regular posting schedule once I find the one that best suits ES. zovirax 400mg

Also, you may have noticed that I have been doing a lot more videos lately.  I’m really trying to start/keep a regular video schedule.  I’m hoping to upload my ES YouTube videos 3x a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ve been working my way up to this, as these videos take a lot of time, but I really love doing them as well as being a part of the YouTube beauty blogger community.   If you haven’t already, be sure to Subscribe to my channel!

I have also added affiliate links to some of my posts.  This just means that if you click on the link of the item I am recommending, and you decide to buy the item, I get a percentage of the sale.  You are not charged more, and I can use the revenue from the sale to help make ES even better…. I will also be adding some ads of this site soon, as well as the occasional sponsored post (I will always be up front about a post being sponsored, and the opinions will always remain my own, I will never recommend a product that I wouldn’t buy for myself)… again, they are just a way that I can earn some money to help make ES the best it can be. nexium 20mg

I have a lot of great stuff planned for ES, but, as always, if you have anything that you would like to see, or learn more about, please feel free to let me know!

… and the photo above is from my Instagram… If you’re not following me… what are you waiting for?

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