1930s fashion trends for a modern wardrobe

Some trends are timeless.  Like the looks of the 1920s that I showed you last week could fit seamlessly into a modern wardrobe, there are looks from the 1930s that can do the same.  Here are some of my favorites…

Bias Cut Gowns

These come in and out of popularity, but are always appropriate.  They made a huge comeback in the 90s (especially with Caroline Bessette Kennedy’s wedding dress when she married John John).  I will admit to desperately wanting a satin bias cut gown for my Senior Prom, but alas, I could find one in my size that could be worn with a bra (sometimes boobs are not a good thing people).

Luxury Fabrics

…or fabrics that at least feel luxurious and expensive, like satin, silk, or velvet.  Especially….


There is no question that fur adds luxury.  However, if you just can’t bring yourself to wear something that used to be breathing, there are so many affordable and attractive faux fur options (like the one pictured above).  Or you could go vintage, which seems a lot less cruel, and usually has much more unique styes anyway.

Lucite Bags

Clear clutches are all over the red carpets, and you can thank the 1930s for starting that trends.  The bag pictured is a vintage find from Etsy.


A cute little caplet is the perfect way to keep your shoulders warm when it’s a little chilly on a spring evening.

What are your favorite 1930s fashion trends?

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