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Month: February 2015

Best Films Set in the 1920s

1920s films

It wasn’t until I started compiling this list of movies that are set in the 1920s that I realized how many of my favorite films of all time take place in the 20s.  There is just something about the age of art deco, fringe, and flappers.  So if you’re looking for some 1920s inspiration, these are my top picks… (more…)

Modern Take on a Classic 1920s Cocktail: Bee’s Knees

Modern 1920s cocktail bees knees

Since Everyday Starlet is all about taking vintage ideas and making them modern, I decided to take a decade a week and really focus on modern updates of the drinks, fashion, films, and beauty of each decade.

This week we’ll be looking at the 1920s.  This was the era of bathtub gin, art deco, and the flapper.  When I started looking at cocktail ideas from the 20s everything I found had gin.  I had never been a fan of gin, so I was a little discouraged.  Then I stumbled upon the Bee’s Knees.  I was intrigued by the use of honey and lemon.  In the 20s, these ingredients were added to mask the flavor of bad gin.  So I thought, what if I made the cocktail with great gin… it should be that much better.  So I Googled “gin for people who don’t like gin”.  I found a few options, but I decided on Hendricks because I thought the cucumber flavor would pair nicely with the honey and lemon… and does it ever!  This has become my new favorite cocktail! (more…)

Getting Ready for the Oscars Red Carpet

Getting Ready for the Oscars Red Carpet Academy Awards

I have long been obsessed with the Academy Awards…. especially the red carpet.  So I thought I would show you how I get ready for fashion’s biggest night, and give you a glimpse of what I look like while I watch the E! Red Carpet (please be kind)).

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Old Hollywood Glamour Oscars Tablescape

Oscars Academy Awards Party Tablescape

I received so much positive feedback from my Valentine’s Day Tablescape that I decided to do one for the Academy Awards.  The Oscars are my Superbowl, so I took to Pinterest for some ideas.  I knew I wanted to start with a black and white color scheme, and then I added some gold for some Old Hollywood Glamour.  I wanted a pop of color, so I was so excited to find red roses on sale for a steal after Valentine’s Day (I used 3 dozen, which were the same price as 3 roses the day before Valentine’s Day…. so if you love roses, now is the time to buy… I wonder if the same goes for diamonds…. maybe I’ll take a trip to the jewelry store… talk to me Harry Winston, tell me all about it) (more…)

Get To Know Me Tag

Get to know me 2 Collage

I am so excited to say that I’ve been getting quite a few new subscribers and views on my YouTube Channel!  So I thought I would take the time to do a “Get To Know Me” Tag video to introduce myself to everyone……

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Waiting For Spring

Vintage Easter Hat

I can’t believe I used to love Winter.  As a child, I waited in anticipation for December because that meant my Birthday had arrived and then it would soon be Christmas…. and, of course, there were the snow days.  Snow days to a kid are like little gifts from heaven.  As an adult, I like wintery weather in December (who doesn’t like a little White Christmas), but after the holidays, snow and cold weather seem pointless.  So you can imaging how irritated I am that New England is currently breaking snow records this month like they’re going out of style.  I have so much snow outside my house and it just seems to keep coming.  There is no more room to put it, and it’s too cold to melt.   (more…)

Red Carpet Popcorn for the Oscars

Red Carpet viewing oscar academy awards party popcorn

If you’re a girly girl and/or fashionista then the Academy Awards are like your Superbowl.  Personally, I watch the E! red carpet pre-show all day.  I rarely see any of the nominated films, but… oh the fashion… that is my weakness.  So I set out to create a glamorous snack that is worthy of a red carpet pre-show viewing.  Of course, movies and popcorn go together like Brangelina.  So I set out to make ordinary popcorn feel more luxurious.  Enter the addition of truffle oil, truffle salt (can you tell like like truffles), rosemary, and pancetta. (more…)

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