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Here at Everyday Starlet, we look at Starlets of the past to inspire our lives today.  As I’m sure you’ve heard, the 90s are coming back, and the Starlets of the 1990s were the Supermodels.  So this week we’ll be taking a look at everything Supermodel, starting with the body…..

Now let’s keep it real… reality bites (was that enough 90s references for you… as if).  If you were not born with Supermodel genetics, then you probably won’t look like a Supermodel.  That doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful, and in the best shape you can be.  These tips will not make you look like a Supermodel, but hopefully they will help you feel like a Supermodel.  Because the biggest tip for looking like a Supermodel is confidence.



While some models claim to never workout, I highly doubt that’s true.  Most models are based in NYC, which is a walking city.  You frequently see pictures of models running around New York carrying big bags and they are usually in heels (a bonus calf workout).  And if all that running around the city to casting calls isn’t enough, if they do get case in a show they need to work the runway… more walking.  So if you want to feel like a Supermodel, be sure to get your walk on.

Other benefits to walking: it’s inexpensive, it clears your mind, and it’s also how the chic French women stay in shape (and feeling like a French Starlet is almost as exciting as feeling like a Supermodel).

If you’re looking for some more intense cardio, many Supermodels are into running, boxing, and cycling.


When you think of a Supermodel, the first thing you think of is… well, force feeding them chocolate cake… but the second thing you think of is: legs.  Models are known for their long, toned legs.  Now you can’t make your legs longer, but there are ways you can build long lean muscles.  Pilates and/or ballet are the perfect Supermodel exercise.  You tone the legs without adding bulk.  And don’t neglect your calves, you’ll need them strong to maneuver the runways in 7″ heels.

You can’t be a walking maniquin if you don’t have a strong core.  Instead of endless crunches, be sure to strengthen your entire midsection, including your lower back.  That will improve your posture as well.  The best way to achieve this?… pilates. So if you haven’t signed yourself up for a pilates and/or ballet class yet, get on that.


Exotic photoshoots can seem exciting, but imagine having to pose in awkward potions for extended periods of time.  Sounds uncomfortable, right?  That is why many models take yoga.  It’s a great stretch and makes them more flexible for photoshoots.


Some Supermodel do claim to eat whatever they want… I assume those are the ones who crave lettuce.  But most models watch what they eat.  It’s their job to care for their body, so why shouldn’t you make it a priority to care for yours.  While most models don’t have a huge amount of time to cook, you won’t find them eating fast food every day.  While many of them drink coffee (which they are now discovering may have some health benefits… it definitely speeds up the metabolism), you probably won’t find them ordering one full of cream and sugar.  In reality, it’s just about making smart choices.  Here are some ideas for Supermodel inspired meals…


  • Eggs and whole grain toast
  • Oatmeal w/ nuts and fruit


  • Veggie sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Veggie soup or gazpacho
  • Yogurt and berries w/ a granola bar
  • Salad with chicken or fish and a side of fruit

Snacks (always carry healthy snacks with you so you;re not tempted by vending machines)

  • Brown rice crackers and dry miso soup (Claudia Schiffer’s favorite)
  • Any kind of nuts
  • Hummus and veggies
  • Fruits-like apples, grapes, berries


  • Grilled salmon and veggies
  • Sushi with brown rice
  • Grilled Chicken/Fish/Turkey with veggies

Don’t forget liquids!  Models drink a lot of water and tea.  Hot tea also helps keep you warm, and many people mistake feeling cold for feeling hungry. Green smoothies are also a great option if you have a hard time eating enough vegetables.  They may look a little weird, but they really do taste great.

It’s also good to get healthy fats in your diet.  I cook with olive oil instead of butter, but you can also use coconut oil (I’ve heard it’s also good on toast and in coffee, but I haven’t tried it yet). Also, many models take fish oil supplements for health, but also to keep their hair shiny.

With a little more activity, and the right diet choices, you’ll be feeling like a Supermodel in no time!  Stay tuned for tomorrow where we’ll be looking at Supermodel beauty tips.



Disclaimer: These are my opinions, if you have any medical issues, consult a doctor before you start any diet or exercise plan.


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