Holiday Christmas Playlist

I have to admit, I have a real problem with listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  I have always been someone who started planning the holiday season early, and I like to get my Christmas shopping done in advance…. but I just don’t like the Christmas explosion that goes on before I’ve even purchased a Thanksgiving turkey.  To be totally honest, I usually don’t listen to Christmas music before my birthday (which is this coming weekend).  However, I’m doing a Christmas play this year, and I need some Holiday spirit.  So I decided, now that Thanksgiving is over, I would make myself a Christmas playlist for my long car rides to play rehearsal, and the occasional shopping trips (although I do most of my shopping online because crowds make me angry and very un-Christmas Spirit-y).  Here are a few favorites that get me in a Christmas-State-Of-Mind….

What are your favorite Christmas songs?



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