DIY 3d Christmas Holiday Cards

Truth be told, I don’t really send a lot of Christmas cards.  I have a few people in my life that I give a gift with a card, and a few friends who I mail cards to.  But overall, it just doesn’t seem like enough people to justify buying a pack of cards.  So a few years ago I started making my own cards.  I like to keep it simple because this time of the year is stressful enough.  I got the idea for these from a Boston Bloggers event I went too.  Kate from DomestiKated Life showed us how to make gift tags with stripes made from double sided tape and glitter.  I was playing around with the idea and I came up with this cute 3D card.  It’s so versatile, you can make them in any color with any size/material ribbon.  I chose green because I think it’s an underrated Holiday color.  Red gets center stage, and it has Valentines Day too.  I wanted to give green some attention.  Here’s how I made mine…

Here is what you’ll need…

Christmas Card 3d supplies

First, I put double sided tape where I wanted my stripes, and trimmed off the edges.

Christmas Card 3d tape

Then I sprinkle glitter on the tape and shake it off.

Christmas Card 3d glitter

Next, I punched holes in between the tape.

Christmas Card 3d hole punch

Then I carefully treaded the ribbon into the holes.  Note: be very careful, the holes will tear easily. I found cutting the ribbon into points and rolling it into a thin point worked for me… but you could also use smaller ribbon.

Christmas Card 3d lace ribbon

Tie the ribbon into a bow

Christmas Card 3d

Then you can put whatever you want on the inside.  I used rubber stamps….

Christmas Card 3d stamps

… and I added a red lip print stamp on the back for that Starlet touch.

Christmas Card 3d kiss

Note: The bigger the ribbon, the harder it will be to put in the envelope.  But I used a pretty big ribbon and mine fits fine.



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