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Month: October 2014

My Future Fashion and Beauty Trends Predictions

The 90s are back.  A part of me is excited that the trends and styles of my coming-of-age decade is returning, but a part of me is afraid that society can’t handle a revamp of the “fanny pack.”  I normally concentrate my efforts on Old Hollywood, (like the 30’s, 40s, 50s, maybe the 60s).  However, since I had a front row seat for the 1990s, I feel like I can predict where fashion and beauty trends are headed.  Here are a few 90s looks I’m looking forward to….

Mauve lips- lips in the 90s all had a brownish tint to them.  I’m not a fan of brick red lips, but the mauve shades of the 90s are sexy paired with a smokey eye

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Model-off-duty look- Supermodels became the Starlets of the 90s.  The look is meant to feel like you’re running around NYC going to casting calls.  It’s usually a casual look, as simple as jeans and a t-shirt, with an added touch of glamour, like a statement necklace or a bold lip. (more…)

Lipstick Wardrobe

Most Starlets would feel naked without lipstick.  Most glamour girls have a signature lip color they love, but it’s important to have a lipstick wardrobe so that you are prepared for any occasion.

First, we have the essentials…


Getty Images
Getty Images

Pink (more…)

Red Carpet Ready: 3 Month Plan

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Orange
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Orange

Over the years my weight has fluctuated more than Oprah’s. Once I discovered how to lose weight, the challenge became how to keep it off.  I realized recently that my weight has been getting a little higher than I’m comfortable.  I’m not necessarily overweight for my height, but since I have been at an unhealthy weight before, I am sensitive to it and I want to catch myself before it gets out of hand.  I needed motivation to get started.  I don’t have any major events on the calendar… so I decided to create one… Red Carpet Season… (more…)

A Starlet Nail Polish Wardrobe

Nail polish is such a great way to experiment with your look.  It’s not permanent and can easily be changed with your mood.  That’s why it’s important for Everyday Starlet’s to have a nail polish wardrobe made up of all your color essentials….


These are the colors that are timeless, go-with-everything colors

Nail Polish Basics

  • Nude
  • Rose
  • Gold
  • Hot Pink
  • Bright Red
  • Dark Red

Brights (more…)

Beauty Splurge or Save

At home spa manicure, beauty splurge or save

Most Everyday Starlets have limited budgets, so we can’t always buy the most expensive beauty products. Some products, however, are worth the money.  So I created a cheat sheet of products to splurge and products to save…

Splurge (purchase at department stores, salons, or Sephora… invest in quality over quantity) (more…)

Classic Cocktail: Cointreau Sidecar

Classic Remy Martin Cointreau Sidecar recipe

I have to admit, I used to be a sugary cocktail kinda girl. That was until I met my boyfriend, PET.  He seems to have been a bartender in a past life (if you believe in that sort of thing… past lives I mean… I’m assuming you all believe in bartenders).  PET got me hooked on quality, classic cocktails…. and I’ve gotten him hooked on food with healthy, quality ingredients.  My new favorite cocktail is a Classic Cointreau Sidecar.  And while my favorite place to order on is Still & Stir in Worcester, my favorite version are the one’s made by my personal bartender. (more…)

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