You might say that my hair is the first thing people notice about me.  I started lightening it when I was in Cosmetology school and I’ve never turned back.  I can’t imagine myself as anything but a platinum blonde.  Several years ago, when I decided to enter the Miss Massachusetts USA pageant (really just to prove to myself that I could do it), I met with the official pageant hairstylist for a consultation.  He suggested that I wear my hair in long loose waves (which is my preferred style anyway).  He told me that many girls wear there hair differently for each part of the pageant (ex. down for swimwear, updo for evening gown) so that they don’t bore the judges.  I innocently asked if I should do something like that.  He then gave me one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.  He said, “Honey, there’s NOTHING boring about your hair.”

It was then that I realized, when you have a striking hair color, you don’t have to do much to your hair in order for it to be special.   I have also noticed, with the trends of purple, blue, pink, etc hair colors, that any color can look good as long as the hair is healthy and shiny.

So I thought I would compile a list of my favorite hair care products.  Now, I will admit that I’m a hair snob.  I only use quality salon products.  While I’ll happily but drugstore lipstick and eye shadow, I never buy hair care products in a drugstore.  You may not need as many products as I use (and you may need different one if your hair is not like mine: fine, stick straight, and bleached), but I highly recommend using quality products.  Your hair will thank you.  This is what I use….


Shampoo Rusk, Artec, Redken

  • Rusk Clarify– this is a great clarifying shampoo for when I’ve used a lot of products in my hair and need to get it really clean.  I also use it before my deep conditioner to help the conditioner really penetrate the hair.
  • Artec White Violet– I don’t think this company even still exists anymore, but I stocked up on this purple shampoo (a must for blondes to avoid brassiness) and I’ll use it until I run out and need to find a new favorite
  • Redken Blonde Glam– this is another shampoo that I believe has been discontinued.  I stocked up on it, so I’ll be using it until I run out


Hair conditioner Joico, Morrocan Oil

  • Joico Deep Penetrating Reconstructor and Intense Hydrator– I use these together, once a week, for a great protein boost for my hair
  • Moroccan Oil Weightless Hydrating Mask– This deep conditioner is so softening, yet doesn’t weight my hair down like so many others.  I am absolutely hooked

After Washing and Conditioning

Hair care Moroccan Oil, Mason Pearson brush

  • Wide tooth comb– This is the only way, in my opinion, to detangle wet hair.  I NEVER brush my hair when it’s wet, it can cause breakage.
  • Moroccan Oil– I love this whole line, but their basic oil is my favorite on wet hair before I let it dry, or blowdry-style it
  • Mason Pearson Brush–  This item was a splurge, but I really love it


Haircare Special

  • Phyto Pre-Shampoo Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment–  Every once in a while I will put this oil on my hair for a little while pre-shampoo.  It helps give it great shine.
  • Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Clear Gloss– This is like a foam mousse that you put in your hair for a few minutes between shampoo and conditioner.  I use it once in a while, and especially on special occasions, when I want mega shine



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