Gluten free Dairy Free Swedish Meatballs Dinner

When I was younger, I used to make microwave dinner.  I thought they were quick and easy, and I wasn’t as concerned with health.  Looking back, they were very unsatisfying and never very filling.  I was always hungry an hour later.  One of my favorites was Swedish Meatballs because it’s not something I thought I would ever make myself.  So I decided to change than and try to make a gluten free and dairy free version. 

I started with this Food Network recipe from Alton Brown and substituted cooked quinoa for the bread crumbs, I used almond milk instead of the milk and heavy cream, olive oil in place of butter, and cornstarch in place of flour.  Normally I would have used ground turkey, but since my boyfriend is allergic to poultry and I don’t eat beef, I used lean ground pork.  They went over big time.  You can serve them with a little quinoa (or any other carb) and a vegetable to make a meal, or serve them on cocktail sticks at a cocktail party…
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Gluten free Dairy Free Swedish Meatballs Cocktail Canape



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