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Month: September 2014

Starlet Closet: Shopping

Marilyn Monroe shopping
Image via rosedarlingburlesque.com

It’s week 3 of our Starlet Closet cleanout, and this week we talk about shopping.  If you followed the steps from week 1 and week 2 you should have a list of basics that you need.  Add to that list a few fun trendy items that you’d love to add to your wardrobe and that suits your style.

Now go shopping.  Pick your favorite stores, online or in person, and start trying stuff on.

You can go high end or low end depending on your budget, but don’t automatically rule out one or the other.  Here are some shopping guidelines: (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Vegan Hot Fudge Sundae

Vegan Hot Fudge Sundae

Who doesn’t love a Hot Fudge Sundae?  Both Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn had a habit of getting a Hot Fudge Sundae after their acting classes.  So I decided to come up with an idea for a vegan version.  I made this banana ice cream in my Vitamix with a little splash of almond milk and a spoonful of almond butter for flavor.  I topped it with this chocolate ganache (also seen here on my Boston Cream Pie) and a few chopped almonds.  (more…)

Silver Screen Style: Pal Joey

It’s rare to have two Bombshells in one film, let alone two Bombshells and a Sinatra… but Pal Joey is a film that fits the bill.  It has classic songs, beautiful dancing…. And then there’s the fashion.  No other film gives tribute to the classic sweater/pencil skirt combo like Kim Novak in this musical.  That, combined with Rita Hayworth as a rich socialite, and you have wardrobe inspiration that can even be worn today…

Kim Novak

Kim Novack Pal Joey Blue Purple Sweater


Fall/Winter 2014: Starlet Approved Trends

Starlets don’t typically follow trends.  If you look at many Old Hollywood Starlets, they are dressed in timeless fashion that could be worn in any era.  However, Starlets love to follow fashion, and each season there are usually a few trends that catch her eye.  So here are some of this season’s Starlet approved trends…

Fall/Winter Pastels

Fall Winter Pastels

T-Strap Heels (more…)

Retro Recipe Redo: Swedish Meatballs

Gluten free Dairy Free Swedish Meatballs Dinner

When I was younger, I used to make microwave dinner.  I thought they were quick and easy, and I wasn’t as concerned with health.  Looking back, they were very unsatisfying and never very filling.  I was always hungry an hour later.  One of my favorites was Swedish Meatballs because it’s not something I thought I would ever make myself.  So I decided to change than and try to make a gluten free and dairy free version.  (more…)

Joan Rivers Tribute: Fashion Police “21 Joan Ranger Salute”

My two greatest passions in life are comedy and fashion.  That is the reason that Joan Rivers was one of my idols. She invented the phrase “who are you wearing?”  No one has combined comedy and fashion the way Joan did…. and she had a serious love affair with jewelry… which I can relate to!

Joan Rivers Joke Quote Comedy Diamonds Exercise Jewelry

It’s rare that a celebrity death hits me as hard as Joan’s.  I think it’s because Joan was in my living room every weekend on Fashion Police.  It was one of my few must-watch shows, and my mother and I had a ritual of planning our weekends around watching Joan critic Hollywood’s fashion choices.  Joan believed, as I believe, that Movie Stars should look like Movie Stars… and while Joan’s comedy was often crass, her fashion and overall style were always pure class.  I can only hope to be as stylish as she was when I get to be in my 80s.  Joan never left the house looking anything but stylish which makes her an Everyday Starlet if there ever was one.

Image via www.zimbio.com Image via http://www.zimbio.com[/caption%5D

I wanted to pay tribute to this legendary woman, but no matter how long I do stand-up, I would never find a joke about Joan’s death that could top any that she could come up with.  So I wanted to pay tribute to her fashion sense.  On Fashion Police, Joan called her fans Joan Rangers and gave a little salute.

I want to give Joan a 21 Joan Ranger Salute.  So in honor of Joan, break out your camera and give your best Joan Ranger Salute.  Post it here or on YouTube and be sure to tag me in it when you share it so I can see all of your tributes.

Let’s give Joan a tribute fitting of the Queen of Comedy, a Red Carpet Diva, and an Everyday Starlet.

Joan Rivers E! Fashion Police Joan Rangers Salute GIF

I’m so honored that his post was included in the IFB Links a la Mode…


So Many Great Pieces

This week had so many great links, it was super hard to decide which ones to pick. Like a wardrobe filled with amazing clothing, sometimes it’s just overwhelming to chose the best among greats. I know, #firstworldproblems. Leave it to us to find a way to complain about being so lucky. This week, it’s all about having fun, enjoying life and getting on top of things. You know, striking the perfect balance. Sure, the perfect balance doesn’t exist, but it’s sure as heck worth trying!

September 11th, 2014

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Dark Florals For Every Personality

ModCloth dress dark floral 4 differnt looks

I’ve been hearing that dark florals are going to be big for Fall.  In my opinion they are timeless, seasonless, and ageless.  So I decided to take this ModCloth dress and style it 4 different ways, to show how versatile this basic dress is.  This was especially challenging for me because this dress is actually navy and I usually wear black.


This is my favorite look.  It’s very Grace Kelly/Betty Draper.  I paired this dress with pearl earrings, nude pumps, and a classic straw purse.  I finished this look with a peachy pink lipstick.  This is a great look for work or a special luncheon. (more…)

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