What's in My Dance Class Gym Bag

If you’re spending your time getting your kids school bags ready, it’s easy to forget about your own bags.  So why not take a minute and organize your gym bag… or, if you’re like me, your dance class bag.  Here’s what I keep in mine…



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  1. […] Is there something you’ve wanted to try since you were little?  Try it now.  I always wanted to take dance classes as a child but my parents wanted me to focus on school.  So started taking a hip hop dance class at 19, and I was hooked.  I’ve studied almost every style of dance since then.  You’d be amazed at how many adults start things like dancing later in life.  Just find a supportive teacher and a class of people at your skill level and have fun!  If you’re putting together a dance class bag here’s mine. […]