Glamorous SmartPhone Apps

The Starlets of Old Hollywood didn’t have cell phones or apps, but today’s Starlets couldn’t get by without them.  So here are the top 5 apps for today’s Glamour Girls…

  • Social Media apps– While Starlets value their privacy… they still need to connect with their people.  Different social media outlets are for different purposes: Facebook is for close friends…Twitter is for your public
  • Instagram– this is also a social media app, but it deserves a special shout out.  It allows a Starlet to be the photographer she always wished she could be.
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  • Words with Friends– this is essentially the modern way to play scrabble, and a Starlet loves testing her vocabulary.
  • Language apps (like Duolingo)- Starlets dream of far off places and learning new languages.  They mostly watch French or Italian films to try to learn a language, but sometimes they use an app to challenge themselves.
  • A Car service (like Uber)- Starlets love the idea of a private car service, it makes her feel so luxurious.

What are your favorite apps?



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