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Month: August 2014

Links à la Mode: What Really Matters

I am honored once again to be a part of IFB’s Links a la Mode, especially for a post that is so close to my heart…..


What Really Matters

This week has been rough for a lot of us. The news is full of terrible things. Sometimes it’s hard to focus when the world seems to be descending into chaos. But, at the end of the day, we all have to show up to our regular lives. Family, friends, work, creating the best life possible. Sometimes fashion seems, well, not the highest on the list of priorities, so sometimes you just have to return to the basics, the classics to work for you while you get your life on track. It’s not all about the clothes.

Links à la Mode: August 14

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Inspirational Quotes from Mae West

Mae West Quotes Image via http://www.telegraph.co.uk[/caption%5D

As a Comedian by night and an Everyday Starlet all the time, Mae West is truly inspirational to me.  She is the embodiment of a Starlet and Comedian in one.  Her humor was so ahead of its time.  Any man who claims women aren’t funny (I can’t believe people still think that) should take a look at Ms. West’s Body…of work (wink, wink).

This Sunday would have been Mae West’s birthday, so in tribute I thought I would share my favorite quotes… (more…)

What’s in My Dance Class/Gym Bag?

What's in My Dance Class Gym Bag

If you’re spending your time getting your kids school bags ready, it’s easy to forget about your own bags.  So why not take a minute and organize your gym bag… or, if you’re like me, your dance class bag.  Here’s what I keep in mine…


6 Lessons from Lauren Bacall

Yesterday we lost one of the few remaining Old Hollywood Starlets, Lauren Bacall.  So in honor of her amazing life, here are 6 lessons we can learn from the Hollywood legend…

Find Your Best Look and Stick With It

If you look at pics of Ms. Bacall over the years, her hair changes very little.  Sometimes it’s a little shorter, but it is almost always side parted with an Old Hollywood wave.  This basic hairstyle was flattering and yet didn’t distract attention from her signature stare.

Lauren Bacall Hair Old Hollywood Waves
Image via bobbypinblog.blogspot.com

A Timeless Wardrobe Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Most of the photos of Ms. Bacall show her in outfits that can be easily worn today, yet she always looks stunning.  She even manages to make pearls a little less demure. (more…)

My Grandmother’s Angel Food Cake w/ Raspberry Frosting

Angel Food Cake and Raspberry Frosting 2

Usually when I try to redo a retro recipe I try to make it healthier.  In this case, I was aiming to recreate a classic recipe of my grandmother’s.   It’s not exactly healthy (except that angel food cake has less fat than regular cake).

My Grandmother was a home ec teacher, as well as an amazing cook with a sweet tooth… so, as you can imagine, she always had sweets around.  Anytime my grandmother made a cake, her go-to was an angel food cake with raspberry frosting.  Gram past away several years ago, but since this week would have been her birthday I thought I would share her recipe with you Starlets as a tribute.  (more…)

3 Ways to Get a Little More Esther Williams in Your Life

Today would have been the legendary Esther Williams’ Birthday, so to celebrate her life, I wanted to share with you a few easy ways that you can add a little more of this glamorous Starlet into your everyday life.

1. Do a quick and easy Esther Williams inspired updo

Esther Williams Inspired Braided Updo


2. Lounge by a beach or pool with Million Dollar Mermaid… one of the best books ever about Old Hollywood (more…)

Top 5 Favorite Project Runway Designers

Project Runway Image via http://www.nytimes.com[/caption%5D

When Project Runway first debuted, I was hooked.  A show all about up and coming fashion designers… what more can a Starlet ask for?  But as the show went on, the novelty started to wear off and I stopped watching around Season 6.  Since I found out that this Season (number 13, if you can believe it) my idol, Dita Von Teese will be a guest judge, I decided to give the show another chance.  The first episode was already discouraging, because one of my favorite designers of the season (Nzinga Knight, who was doing some really interesting things with modest dressing) got eliminated in the beginning of the show.  However, I am very excited to see what Sandhya Garg has to bring to the runway.  I’m really enjoying the humor and personality that she brings to her designs.  Since I have a renewed interest in the show, I thought I would share with you my top 5 favorite designers of past seasons (keeping in mind, I only saw Seasons 1-5)… (more…)

InStyle Inspiration: Candy Apple Red

Candy Apple Red Linen Pin Up Girl Dress

I have to admit I’m a little obsessed with fashion magazines.  I like my look to be more classic, so I try not to focus too much on trends, but I like to know what’s going on in the world of fashion.  InStyle magazine is one of the few magazines that I subscribe to and will read religiously every month.  So I decided to try a look inspired by the August issue.  The article was a Color Crash Course: Candy Apple Red.  (more…)

Back To Starlet School

Dita Von Teese Fragrance Erotique

August is the time of year when kids start getting ready to go back to school… but why should kids be the only ones getting a chance at expanding their minds…. A Starlet is always learning, growing, and trying new things.  After all, you are researching for your greatest role ever… your life!  So this month we will be going Back To Starlet School and learning more about what it means to be a well-rounded Starlet.

Here are some things on this month’s to-do list: (more…)

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