Taco Night with Mexican Fried Ice Cream and a Cointreau Margarita Margadita

As a little Starlet, I loved taco nights.  Because tacos are so messy to eat, my mother would set up a folding card table that affectionately became known as the “taco table.”  It was because of the messiness that taco nights were rare and because of that, so much more special.  Now, as a full grown Starlet, I enjoy taco salads frequently, but I still have the occasional taco night… now with Margaritas.  Taco nights are such a great dinner for a group because they lend themselves to a buffet and everyone can make their own.  Since I don’t eat red meat, and my boyfriend is allergic to poultry, I used lean ground pork seasoned with a homemade taco seasoning recipe.  Personally I love corn tortillas, but you can use flour tortillas, and really any vegetables (my favorites are lettuce and tomato) and cheese (I used a Mexican blend).

Taco night with homemade taco seasoning

For dessert, I served a Mock Fried Ice Cream recipe from Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray Mexican Fried Ice Cream Gluten Free Dessert

And to finish of the night, my boyfriend/favorite bartender made me a MargaDita (that’s Dita Von Teese’s version of a margarita)

Dita Von Teese Margadita, Cointreau Margarita with Monin Rose Syrup and Jose Cuervo Tequila Silver



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