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Month: July 2014

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

Travel Makeup Kit

It’s not surprising at a Starlet over-packs.  So she must cut corners anywhere she can while still retaining her glamour.  So I have a small travel makeup kit that I keep packed for any last minute getaways, including tools and products that I can use to get a variety of different looks.


Role Playing: Elizabeth Taylor

I’ve recreated famous photos of Brigitte Bardot and Lana Turner.  This time I’ve attempted to recreate one of my favorite photos of Elizabeth Taylor.  I actually bought this shirt from Old Navy a few years ago because of this photo.  But it wasn’t until my recent trip to North Conway that I finally got around to take the photo.  I guess it’s appropriate that it took me so long to take the picture… Liz was famous for being late (even requesting that she arrive late to her own funeral).  I hope I made Ms. Taylor proud…

This is me..

Role Playing Elizabeth Taylor Plaid Shirt Photo

This is the original Elizabeth Taylor photo… (more…)

How to Keep a Bombshell Figure While Traveling

You work hard for your Bombshell figureYou eat right (with the exception of occasional treats), and you work out… so don’t let that all go to waste on vacation or while traveling.  I’m not suggesting that you deprive yourself… that is definitely not the Starlet way.  I’m suggestion that you indulge smartly while you are away from home.  There are some tips…

Only eat out once a day.  This can be tricky depending on where you are going but I aim for saving my indulgences for dinner (with the exception of a really great breakfast diner).  First, I always try to get a hotel room with a fridge.  That way I can go to the nearest grocery store and get some basics.

For Breakfast, I bought a new travel blender for making my morning green smoothies.  I just pick up some almond milk when I arrive…

Green Smoothie Travel blender with almond milk Green Smoothie

Or for a breakfast or snack, I make some homemade granola (also with almond milk).  I got this recipe from Deliciously Ella (more…)

Glamorous Country Girl Essentials


Taco Night with a MargaDita

Taco Night with Mexican Fried Ice Cream and a Cointreau Margarita Margadita

As a little Starlet, I loved taco nights.  Because tacos are so messy to eat, my mother would set up a folding card table that affectionately became known as the “taco table.”  It was because of the messiness that taco nights were rare and because of that, so much more special.  Now, as a full grown Starlet, I enjoy taco salads frequently, but I still have the occasional taco night… now with Margaritas.  Taco nights are such a great dinner for a group because they lend themselves to a buffet and everyone can make their own.  Since I don’t eat red meat, and my boyfriend is allergic to poultry, I used lean ground pork seasoned with a homemade taco seasoning recipe.  Personally I love corn tortillas, but you can use flour tortillas, and really any vegetables (my favorites are lettuce and tomato) and cheese (I used a Mexican blend). (more…)

What’s in My Bag?

Everyday Starlet Whats in My Bag

Ever since I started Everyday Starlet I have been wanting to do a What’s in My Bag? video.  I’m always curious what people carry around in their handbags.  So here it is… the video is a little long, but I carry a lot.  I have a big bag that I carry for work and for long days where I’m running around and need a book or water or other essentials.  I carry a small cross body bag as a sort of wallet/essentials bag that I can take out of I’m just running to the store… or maybe going out to a bar after work.  This way I’m ready for anything… because Starlets never know where the day will take them… (more…)

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