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I go on diet kicks now and then… okay, all the time since I was a chubby little girl.  I had been trying to jump on the gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian/vegan bandwagon, and I decided I needed a change.  I pick up an old favorite book… French Women Don’t Get Fat.  It really is a great read.  It’s not really a diet, it’s more of a way to look at food differently.  It’s about associating food with pleasure and getting the most pleasure out of everything… if that’s not a Starlet way of looking at things then I don’t know what is.  I highly recommend you read the book, but I have summarized a few tips to get you eating like a French Starlet… because we can all use a little Brigitte Bardot in our lives…

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  • Drink water all day… start your day with a glass and end the day with a glass… and drink plenty in between.  That includes herbal teas.
  • Enjoy Greek Yogurt… as a snack, breakfast, or dessert.  The book shows you how to make your own, but if that is too much at least get an organic kind… I buy Stonyfield Organic.
  • Carry a snack…. Maybe nuts or seeds if you’re hungry on the go.
  • If you’re going to have chocolate, have the real deal with high quality dark chocolate… and they are not all created equal.
  • You don’t have to join a gym to stay fit.  Incorporate more walking into your everyday life.  But also find exercises you enjoy… like yoga or dance.  Find a way to stay active that makes you happy.
  • Get your produce at a farmers market…. And make sure you are using seasonal produce.   Your goal is the get the freshest foods available.  That includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seafood.
  • Experiment with new recipes… fall in love with the true joy and pleasure of cooking.
  • Start an herb garden.  It’s the easiest, healthiest way to add flavor to your dishes.
  • Pick high quality foods that offer the most flavor… like Dijon Mustard instead of yellow (even better if it replaces mayonnaise)
  • Choose foods that are natural diuretics to flush out your system.  Like lemon in your water… or prunes (if you haven’t tried prunes lately they are actually delicious… very sweet)
  • Start meals with a vegetable filled soup or salad
  • and always end a meal with a dessert.  It could be a simple as a bowl of fruit.
  • Always eat breakfast.  Try Miracle Breakfast Cream… I like mine with oats instead of shredded wheat.
  • Don’t be afraid of carbs…. But make sure you only eat good quality breads (fresh is best).  Yes, it’s more expensive, but the French way is about quality over quantity.
  • Wine and champagne are not just for special occasions… but should be enjoyed with food that compliments it.

This way of eating in not a quick-fix diet, it’s a lifestyle… and any lifestyle that focuses on seeking pleasure is definitely Starlet approved.

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