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Month: June 2014

Potato Chips, Champagne, and The Seven Year Itch

Rosemary Parmesan Truffle Baked Potato Chips, Champagne, and a Marilyn Monroe film,The Seven Year Itch

One of my favorite Marilyn Monroe films (after Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, of course) is The Seven Year Itch.  It’s such a simple film that feels almost like a stage play (probably because it started out as a play).  In the movie, Marilyn indulges in potato chips with champagne.  I decided to do just that, but I had to glam it up.  So I made Homemade Rosemary Parmesan Truffle Baked Potato Chips.  I started with a basic recipe from The Food Network, and substituted the regular olive oil for EVOO with white truffles and added some parmesan… and, of course, some champagne.  The result was sinfully good… just like the film… (more…)

Happy National Beautician’s Day

Image of Alexandre de Paris via Details.com
Image of Alexandre de Paris via Details.com

There is one person a Starlet values above all else.  A person she tells all her deepest secrets and a person she entrusts with her most valuable asset… her hair.  I am, of course, talking about her hairdresser.  A true Starlet does not settle for just any stylist.  She searches for the perfect match, and she considers her hairdresser her partner in creating her look. (more…)

Glamorous, Waterproof, Beach Makeup

Everyday Starlet Waterproof Makeup for Beach or Pool to look like a pin up girl

Some people would never dream of wearing makeup to the beach… but true Starlets know that anytime they are out in public there is a chance of being photographed.  That’s why I have created this simple beach makeup look that will protect your skin with SPF, is waterproof, and will make you look like a Starlet Pin Up Girl…

Products used in this video: (more…)

My Dance Recital Weekend in Instagrams

This weekend was my dance studio’s annual dance recital.  It is an exhausting weekend where I dance, help out with the kids, and MC the show.  Luckily, in all the confusion, I managed to snap a few Instagram pics from my weekend of sweat and sequins….

The weekend starts with Thursday night and a stage rehearsal.  It’s the first time we do our dances on stage… but without the pressure of our costumes.  This is the little corner of dance shoes that became my sanctuary that night…

This year I got a chance to wear my DIY Rhinestone Tap Shoes again… (more…)

GlamBurger: BBQ Bacon CheeseBurger

GlamBurger BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger Starlets love an All-American burger…. And she loves anything glamorous.  That’s why I decided to glamorize a burger and make it more special.  I started with a ground pork burger (I chose pork because I don’t eat red meat and my boyfriend is allergic to poultry, but you can choose and burger you’d like… beef, pork, turkey, chicken, veggie…).  I made my favorite homemade BBQ sauce from Giada on The Food Network, and paired it with pancetta and apple smoked gruyere cheese.  I finished off the burger with a toasted brioche bun.  The result was pure heaven.  So for your next cookout, instead of a boring burger and a beer… why not try a glamburger and a little champagne… (more…)

My Everyday Starlet Summer Reading List

I have to admit, I have been spending so much time writing that I have been slacking off on my reading.  I’ve even made it one of my Summer goals to do more reading.  I have so many books (I’m still partial to actual books, I haven’t moved to a tablet yet), some that I have yet to read, and some that I am dying to re-read.  I completed my “year one” reading of my IFB Back to Blogger School reading list and I am taking a little break before I start year two.  So I got some suggestions from IFB’s Summer Reading List, and I dug into my own library and came up with a summer reading list:

Glamorous Fashion Beauty Summer Reading Books (more…)

Glamorous, Inexpensive, At-Home Spa Pedicure

Glamorous, Inexpensive, At-Home Spa Pedicure

Summer is coming and that means it’s time to break out the sandals.  Having gorgeous feet doesn’t require a lot of time and money.  In the latest Everyday Starlet video, I show you how to do an inexpensive, at-home spa pedicure using products that you can find in your regular drugstore… (more…)

Starlet Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Every Starlet needs some glamorous basics in their wardrobe.  That way they can put together an outfit and look chic at a moments notice. Most basics are year round but there are a few wardrobe stapes that are specifically for warmer weather.  Here are some Starlet summer wardrobe essentials…

White Shorts

Image via filmnoirgrrrl.wordpress.com
Image via filmnoirgrrrl.wordpress.com

Capris (more…)

Glamorous Summer Fragrances

Dita Von Teese Romantic Fragrance FleurTeese

There is nothing quite like the sense of smell.  In the summer time, a heavy fragrance isn’t need.  Usually a light and floral scent is appropriate.  Of course everyone’s body chemistry reacts to different perfumes differently.  So the best way to find a favorite fragrance is basic trial and error.  These are some of my favorite Starlet summer scents… (more…)

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