This weekend the latest Muppets movie is being released, so I wanted to give tribute to my absolute favorite Muppet and style icon: Miss Piggy.  She may be livestock, but she is an Everyday Starlet if there ever was one.  So here are 10 reasons that Miss Piggy is Glamour’s Most Wanted…

1. She never strays from her signature hair color

Miss Piggy may go short or long, bangs or no bangs, but she never strays from her signature blonde

piggy4 2nd


2. She knows how to accessorize

She loves jewelry and she’s not afraid to show it.  Her signature is pearls but diamonds will do.  And she’s not afraid to pair her outfit with a fabulous hat



3. She loves shoes

And speaking of accessories, her hooves are always in the best shoes


4. She even sleeps glamorously


5. She knows what flatters her figure

She may be a little round in the middle (she is a pig after all) but she know how to nip in the waist and show off her curves



6. She keeps her makeup subtle

No garish colors and wild trendy makeup looks for this pig, she lets her glowing pink skin shine through

MLF miss piggy make-up miss-piggy-2012012

7. She’s not afraid of prints

Let’s face it… this pig looks great in leopard


8. She knows how to pose

When you get your picture taken as much as she does, you learn to find your best angles… and she know how to “ham” it up for the camera



9. She’s devoted to the man she loves

You never hear about Miss Piggy running around with every Hollywood Heartthrob in town… she is hoplessly devoted to the man of her dreams, and we are all green with envy over their love



And most importantly…

10. She never lets the fact that she is a pig keep her from being the glamorous star that she is…


…so if a pig can be a model and a major style icon then there is no reason any woman can’t be just as glamorous….

I want to thank Miss Piggy for being a glamorous inspiration to myself and so many others!

Note: All Images Via Google Search



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