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Month: February 2014

Engaging Romance

Valentine’s Day is coming and romance is in the air…. Starlets love a good romance if it is a romantic comedy…. And Starlets love jewelry…. So this is the perfect time to look at Starlet engagement rings.  When it comes to engagement rings, Starlet’s go big or go nothing at all.  

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio opted for just a glamorous wedding band… and with one this fabulous who needs an engagement ring.  This is the perfect option for women who want something fabulous but simpler. 
Audrey Hepburn’s ring… or should I say rings… are the perfect option for a fashionista (I’m actually surprised you don’t see more of this).  She had two wedding bands, one in white gold and one in rose gold, so she could mix and match with her outfits.  She could wear both together and get a layered look, or where whichever one went with her outfit that day.  She paired them with an engagement ring that was really a wedding band of diamonds.  The whole thing is classic and unique at the same time… just like Audrey…
Now for the big rings…
Grace Kelly’s ring is stunning and timeless…. like her… but she almost ended up with a colored stone.  Her Prince originally brought a different ring but switched it with this beauty when he saw the Hollywood trend of a large diamond.  Lucky girl!
Jayne Mansfield’s ring, fittingly, was glamorous and over the top
And we can’t talk about big rings without talking about Elizabeth Taylor.  She got married many times but this diamond ring was THE ring….
Now what does one do if the marriage doesn’t work out?  You could do what Dita Von Teese did.  She got this stunner from Marilyn Manson…
And after their split, she had the ring redesigned to make it into a beautiful cocktail ring
Obviously your Everyday Starlet can’t afford an over the top diamond like some of these Hollywood Starlets… but the secret is that each ring perfectly suited each Starlet’s personality.  So when looking at rings, keep that in mind.  It’s not the price of the ring, it’s how well it suits your unique personality.  Because finding a perfect engagement ring is like finding the perfect man, when you get it right… it’s priceless!


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The Great Burlesque Expo

This Sunday I’ll be performing my Stand-up comedy at the Great Burlesque Exposition in Cambridge MA!  I’m so excited because burlesque crowds are always so much fun!  To get in the mood for Sunday, I wanted to share some of my favorite burlesque inspired movie moments….

What are your favorite burlesque inspired movie scenes?
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Happy Super Bowl Sunday

Everyday Starlet wants to wish all you Starlet’s out there a Happy Muscular-Millionaires-in-Tight-Pants Day with a pin up from one of our favorite artists, Olivia, of one of out favorite Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson Baskett…


Have a fun Super Bowl Sunday!
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