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No talk of a Starlet’s life would be complete without mentioning some lovely libations. I will say, although some Starlets of the past have had drinking problems, a true Starlet does not get drunk and sloppy.  That would interfere with her glamour.

Champagne Now it’s no secret that Starlet’s love champagne.  There is no occasion too small to break out the bubbly.   The price of the bottle is irrelevant.  Most true Starlet’s are uninterested in status and more interested in pleasure.  So whatever champagne you enjoy the taste of is the best one.  A great way to find your favorite is to host a champagne tasting party and try several brands at once to compare your favorites with friends.

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Wine Starlets are not wine snobs… in fact Starlets are not any kind of snob…. but they know what they like and are always on a quest to seek pleasure.  A tasting is a great way to sample different types of wine to find your favorites.  You may be surprised to discover that your favorites are not the most expensive.  My personal favorite wines are a mid-priced buttery Chardonnay (especially on a warm summer day) and an inexpensive Australian Shiraz (when it’s chilly and you just need the red).

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Cocktails Every Starlet likes a good mixed drink.  Of course each one’s favorites are a personal choice, but a true Starlet will never settle for a syrupy premade mix or anything too trendy.  And mixed drinks can be high in calories, so a glamour girl does not add to that by ordering drinks with heavy cream or ones that double as a dessert (although a Starlet will not turn down a dessert with liquor… but never a cocktail that is a dessert).

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On the occasion that a Starlet is in a dive bar, or any environment where she questions their cocktail making ability, she sticks to simple 2 ingredient drinks like Vodka and cranberry juice (Lana Turner’s drink of choice) or a traditional gin and tonic.

Lana Turner Cocktails
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A Starlet thinks of mixed drinks like her wardrobe: she loves the classics…

When having Mexican food a Starlet loves a Margarita or maybe Sangria

Dita Von Teese Margarita
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She can’t resist a good Sidecar

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Because she loves how angelic white makes her look, and she always considers herself a lady she may have a White Lady… or a Pink Lady if it goes with her outfit

Dita Von Teese Cointreau White Lady
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Hot summer weather screams for a Cointreau Ricky (since Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese became Cointreau’s Brand Ambassador, no glamour girl can resist it)

Image via Cointreau
Image via Cointreau

Even though a Starlet is not interested in trends (just in what makes her happy), she can’t resist a fun themed or signature cocktail! Have a fun and safe weekend!

Brigitte Bardot Champagne
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