There’s no way around it, Starlet’s have great hair.  This usually starts with her stylist.  While most Old Hollywood Starlets traveled with their stylists, that is not practical for most women.  But since you are a Starlet now, it is important to find a favorite stylist.  A hairstylist for a woman is like a bartender for a man, you will be sharing a lot of your life stories with them so find one that you have good chemistry with.  If you watch the awards shows, many actresses thank their hair and makeup teams.  Your stylist is your hair guru and is essential in getting you into character for your life movie.



Starlets have a signature look and they rarely stray too far from it.  And each has a signature color.  Your hair color should match your coloring and your personality. 


I think Lauren Stover summed it up best in one of my favorite books, The Bombshell Manuel of Style:
“The hair color of fairy tale heroines and victims, blonde is unthreatening, sexually open, childlike.  It commands more attention than any other hair color and needs somebody who knows how to turn it on.  Be prepared.  Going blonde is letting the genie escape from the bottle”


While there may be a cold war between the blondes and the brunettes, dark hair is sultry.  Anywhere from chestnut to pitch black, brunette is the hair color of femme fatales and sensual seductresses.  It’s also the best color for strong women who want to be taken seriously, and known for their complexities. 


Red is a very difficult color to pull off… and if it’s not your natural color, it can be difficult to maintain as well.  But hey, Rita Hayworth definitely made it work, so if you think you can too, go for it!


A starlet needs a good haircut.  She may add or grow out layers, she may cut bangs, but she rarely changes her look completely.  Nothing too trendy.  A starlet sticks to a basic cut and shape that flatters her face, and works with her hair texture.  No buzz cuts, pixies, and anything that makes her look like a boy or a soccer mom.  How many movies about a soccer mom have you watched?… exactly.  It’s okay to be one, just not look like one.  For specifics on a cut that works for you consult your hair guru. 


The specific products you need depend on many factors: hair texture, length, style.  But these are the basics:
Shampoo/Conditioner– there are so many to choose from, ask your hair guru for recommendation s for your hair type.
Leave in Conditioner/Serum/Heat protectant– you’ll want to put something in your hair after washing it to protect it from heat styling.
Hair brush/Comb  I know people are divided on this, but I believe a wide tooth comb is the best option for detangling wet hair.  A hair brush is for styling and brushing dry hair.
Dry Shampoo– I only recommend washing your hair a few days a week.  The longer you can go (and I know it can be hard, especially in the summer humidity) without shampooing, the better.  A dry shampoo can help your hair feel clean between washing.  Brigitte Bardot used one, and Marilyn was known for using baby powder.
Hairspray– I have a light-hold for when I want movement, and an extra-strong-hold for when I need things to stay in place.
Deep Conditioner– My favorites is Davines.  Your hair is your signature and you should care for it.  A weekly deep conditioner can be great.  If you’re short on time, slap it on at the beginning of your shower, then put on a plastic cap and let it work while you shave.  Then rinse and you’re out of the shower in the same time you normally would be.
Styling tools– everyone needs a blow-dryer, but depending on how you want to style your hair, and your personal preference, you can use a number of options: hot rollers (Dita Von Tesse’s pick), curling iron (my preference), or try pin curls, steam rollers, etc.  The options are endless.
Other products  stuff like gels, pomades, mousse, etc are all personal preference and depend on how you would like to style your hair.  Try out different products to see what you like, and ask your hair guru for advice.


You can find just about any hair style, and an explanation of how to do it on the internet or in books. I like to wash my hair and mostly dry it at night, and then style my hair after my shower the next day.  I set it with a curling iron, pin the curls, and let them cool while I’m doing my makeup.  But the options are endless.  For some tips, you can read how Dita VonTeese gets ready in the morning.


For days when you’re in a rush, or your hair just won’t do what it’s supposed to (we all have days life that, in fact most Starlets are late because of their hair), it’s good to have a few quick, cute updos in your beauty tricks arsenal for hair emergencies.  Here are some inspirations:


 Stay tuned for some fashion lessons!
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